Song-Release: „Cage“

Kurz und schmerzlos. Wir haben unsere dritte Single „Cage“ nun releast. Ihr findet den Song auf allen gängigen Musikplattformen und Youtube.

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Dieser Song ist ein besonders persönliches Werk von uns. Es behandelt die Emotionen und Gedanken unseres Sängers, der letztes und dieses Jahr mit vielen Tiefschlägen zu kämpfen hatte. Zum Release hat er eine persönliche Nachricht für euch:

To the desperate…
We are releasing a new track next week.
But this time, we decided to keep this one smaller and more personal. Without announcements, countdowns or anything that would lead up to the release.
2020 has been a tough one for all of us.
Ups and Downs are happening so fast nowadays that nobody can really say what the future has to offer.
As Infinite Swarm we are struggling with this situation just like most of you. Is it all worth it?
When will we hit the stage and enjoy personal interaction with you (like the good ol’ days)?
And how? Questions and nothing but questions…
But in the end, we realize this project gives us so much each day. Music is our passion. It’s healing. It’s the opportunity to say and do what others might not be able to. It’s a path to inner peace.
But now back to the release.
Life is cruel. Life is love. Sometimes you find a soul that matters everything in the world to you. You find love that lifts your spirits and makes you forget all your doubts and fears.
So many of us are searching for the so called meaning of life.
For me especially it is to live your life to the fullest, while being a decent human. To give passion and your heart to all you love and do – Each and every day.
But there was a time where I gave too much of myself to a single person. I lived every day for her and forgot to take care of myself and gradually stopped fighting for my dreams.
I transformed into a different person while loosing attention to the things that matter most: My family. My son. My job. My goals. One day I’ve came to realize that my actions will never be enough.
I lost my focus in life and love
I got sick while not being able to meet her expectations. So, I’ve lost myself completely and my downfall began…
But while all happened… my rotten heart still tried to escape this hole of despair and cruelty. And failed miserably.
She noticed I would never be the same for her.
She noticed I gave all I had and couldn’t offer more, not even a bit… So she left…
But instead of just ending our chapter, she kept the dream of us alive…Saying there might be a slightest chance for us to come back together if I just start fighting for us… But I couldn’t do this anymore. I was not able to give more…
The price was just too high.
There was no turning back.
After parting ways I’ve lost everything.
I stood in the dark with nothing but my addiction to her.
I was like a drug addict who couldn’t afford his next hit.
A trip of toxic love in her arms.
After going through cold turkey, I’ve realized how bad I was treated… How bad I treated myself.
I’ve struggled for months with this situation. Finding back to life. Finding back to myself… I am still fighting from time to time. Though I am cured, the scars are still visible.
But I am still here. Because of dear loved ones who dragged me out of my mess. That reached their hands out to me. Forgiving how I treated them, as I have treated myself. Family, Friends, Infinite Swarm and especially one great human showed me that I’m not alone.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I could never be grateful enough to say how I appreciate your help and love.
You showed me that I’m beautiful. That I’m worth it.
That life also has its peaceful sides filled with love and joy.
This song is called CAGE – Because it’s me.
It’s all I was. It tells the story of my darkest moments.
The lyrics are the most personal I’ve ever written.
It’s my downfall and her judgment day.
Thank you all for your support. This one is also for you. For the fallen ones, for the people who are struggling with toxic relationships, for the ones who lost themselves on the road to joy… on the road of love.
Dropping Cage is the final step to close one of my darkest chapters. Thanks for making it this far.
I would like to close with a quote from one of my Idols Mitch Lucker: – Keep listening to music, ‘cause it gets you through everything, I promise. –
Love to all of you 🖤
Cage (Nicho)

Besonderen Dank möchten wir an Aigul Rieker senden, die uns dieses geile Artwork angefertigt hat. Schaut doch mal auf ihrer Instagram Seite nach!

Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung und ein guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2021. Hoffentlich sehen wir bald die Bühnen, Venues und natürlich euch wieder. Bis dahin – bleibt gesund.

Infinite Swarm

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